AZUR MUSIC EVENT also offers many other services !

We offer technical solutions for your events that are quick, thorough, and efficient.

We work on the site’s lighting, the installation and the setting up of podium, structure, sound system, video screens, photobooth, led walls, decorative led balls … (partial list)

Summits -Conferences –– Seminars – Conventions – Private events

 For each event, an upstream study will detail the site specific needs while respecting your budget.

For sounds systems, we use brands including :

RCF, Mackie, APG, Beyerdynamic, L Acoustic, Midas, AKG, Meyersound, Martin Audio, Motu, Soundcraft, DAS, Avalon, Allen & Heat, Lexicon, FBT, Neumann, RME, Genelec, Neutrik, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Sony, TC Electronic, Technics, Yamaha

And for the lighting, we use brands including:

ADB, Ayrton, Chauvet, Martin, MA Lighting, Showtec, Clay Paky, Robe, Nicols, Globaltruss, ADB, Starway, Contest, Dune, Osram, Sunlite, Vari*lite, Varytec, Oxo